Sunday, 2 September 2012

...Canny Chittering

Howdy cyber folks and folkettes, it's been an eventful week, lots of wonderful and boring things have happened, most of which I will relay to you in partial detail and I'll try my best to leave out the boring things!

However as I write this, I have succumbed to a guilty pleasure and allowed myself a screening of "The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn pt1". Please don't judge me, I have already judged myself but seeing as I have watched the first two I should just keep the viewings going and watch this one too! If questioned in court I will hold up to this statement. I do however find Kristen Stewart unstimulating and over indulgent, but then I've always found her so and I guess this fits in with the character of Bella who (if she were real) would be just as annoying as her on screen counterpart. Just like Taylor Lautner *yawn* there are a lot better looking boys I can perv over then this one. Sorry Twilight fans but I'm not feeling this one. I am ironically totally Team Jake. That is another story altogether.

Okay I'm getting side tracked by the Twilight-ness, not only the retelling but the actually watching. Maybe I shouldn't be blogging at the same time but you know I like to pretend I can multitask. The people who know me best know that I can't multitask but frankly I see that as a challenge (challenge accepted!)

This week has been a weird one, with the shattering of the peace sanctuary and the collating of all my stuff, I still have a lot to pack (that is if I even begin to pack...!) and I keep forgetting nearly everything, I swear I'm losing what's left of my marbles. The countdown has begun and I'm getting super nervous. It started with an email detailing where I'll be staying and who I'll be working for, which in itself is fantastic news, I'll be staying in the volunteer house with all the other volunteers (thankfully) and I'll be working in a school with 12 children aged 3-6 teaching them English through creative arts. Which is going to be pretty cool. I guess they put me there coz I'm an actress and all that shizz. Let's hope I can remember most of the drama games I was taught - that is a job for next week.

*side note* if my bedroom looked as fucked up as theirs did after having sex, you better be sure one of us has severely pulled something, not just left with a few bruises. Come on people! 

Right anyway, if any of you out there have any ideas regarding art games or singing games that are also educational, please drop me a message! It will be extremely helpful!

I've taken my cousins advice and have stuffed myself full of all the Western things I enjoy - like chocolate fingers and cider mmmm and yeah it may seem over the top and of course I could just pack a few packets of hobnobs in my bag but one: I'm worried about how heavy my bag is already, without the added extras of you know, biscuits and two: I actually want to live like a Cambodian, or at least as close to that as I can and that means embracing their culture, all parts of their culture, including the food and snacks. They must have snacks! They may be different and I might find them totally weird (I read in a guide book they like deep fried frogs or animal testicles as a snack - no thank you) but it's all part of the experience. I have put on a bit of weight *eek* but I'm guessing the cycling everyday for 3 months and not eating a super unhealthy diet will happily eat away at the fat I've gained around my hips. Yes, it all goes to the hips and the tits apparently seeing as they've decided to grow 2 sizes larger then they were last year and not at the back cos that's the same size, it's all like front mass, so it's all boob and not fat. Complete over share but it's my blog. I can do what I like. The man friend doesn't seem to mind however.

Now that's an issue in it's own right. I'm going to miss him like mad. It's insane to think that 6 months ago we were just fucking around (literally) and now it's like something more tangible, there are actually feelings in place. Sounds odd doesn't it but I didn't actually expect to fall for him as much as I have and the thought of leaving him for 5 months makes me want to stay. He wouldn't let me do that, you know stay, seeing as he thinks it's really selfless and adventurous thing to do and I'll have a fantastic time and forget all about him. The first part is totally true but I seriously cannot imagine not being with him. You search for ages right and then the one your looking for pops up when your not looking for him...or her. Fuck me, I don't know how I'm going to say goodbye. I don't actually want to. I just hope that when I get back we still feel the same way about each other and he hasn't found some amazing leggy woman with breasts bigger then mine who has, ironically, made him completely happy, more happy then I ever had. It's the insecurity talking but 5 months is a long fucking time and I know he's not like looking around for someone else but the universe in all her infinite glory really likes to throw out those curve balls. Like throwing one of my ex's at me when I was totally unaware and completely caught off guard, so much so that I didn't have time to tell him how much I hate him and just stood there instead nodding like a fucking Churchill dog in a car window. Round one to you Universe. I just hope she doesn't have any more tricks in her bag, because if I loose the man I'm with, it'll be pretty hard to bounce back.

Let's just hope her bag flies into the sun.

Heres hoping.

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