Thursday, 6 September 2012

...Chitteringly Canny

Guten Tag meinen freunden, wie gehts? (as you can see I'm trying to practise my German). Anyhow, I went to see the Paralympics on Tuesday and courtesy of my amazing little sister, was sitting practically within spitting distance of the race track (not that I was going to spit that would just be disgusting and frankly uncouth.) It was brilliant, I was blown away by everything but it was the athletes in the wheelchairs (if they can be called that - the wheelchairs not the athletes - obviously!) were fantastic! They moved so fast and as I said to my dad must be super strong (obviously) to go that fast. I know that I couldn't do anything like that, especially when it comes to moving my own body weight (ha!) and I'm not fat. Just thought I'd clarify just in case some of you out there thought I was some sort of large person dominating my keyboard...

The ohmygoshIcan'tbelieveI'mleaving Countdown stands at 11 days. Eleven very short days to do all the things I'm still putting off. The biggest one being the Gas and Electricity company. They are still not convinced I'm leaving the country and well I've run out of ways to make them believe me - any ideas would be super helpful. I have also been stress smoking (don't judge me) and stress eating and *cough* drinking. But it's all relative right? That's what I keep telling myself and I've only 11 more days to indulge myself and of course it's totally not a problem, wine is definitely one of your 5 of days, it's got a shed load of grapes in it...

Well, moving on swiftly from that outburst I am currently sitting in my chair (I'm gonna miss my chair, it's super comfy once the correct position has been attained) and I'm listening to a band called "Young the Giant" they're alright. Spotify recommended them because I was listening to "Of Monsters and Men" now they are a band worth listening to. Seriously, if you want some musical enjoyment I highly recommend giving them a  listen and then just sit back and let yourself fall into the beauty that is their musical genius. It's practically orgasmic...oh wow I really want some galaxy chocolate - strange how that connection is made no?

You can probably tell that this here blog is me just spewing some mental mind stuff over the intersphere but it's totally needed (apparently totally is my word of the day...) I've been feeling pretty shitty these past few days and I can't shake the funk that has settled over me. Not even with a healthy dose of community spirit not even (shockingly enough) with a healthy glass of wine and a bag full of popcorn. No this funk has decided to settle itself glumly around my old heart bones and is given them a good old tug. It's annoying and has rendered me useless and spiteful. Which is never a good combination. Add slightly drunk to that combination and the world spirals out of control. Finding a reason for the funk is always a good place to begin and to be honest cyber folks I can't find one. So hence the spewing. I figured if I just kept typing then maybe the reason will present itself, but so far no luck and I don't know how much longer I can keep you all captive. I may just have to whack on some Prodigy, dance around a bit and stop listening to this sappy Indie music that's making me feel all reminiscent and moody. Is this the answer to my funk? Fuck no but it's the beginning of finding out once again why it's here. I'm gonna sip my juice and stare at the wall, maybe the answer will display itself.

Heres hoping,

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