Monday, 30 April 2012

...If Jesus Was An Emo.

If Jesus was an Emo
I bet he'd be a bad ass.
Floppy hair
And bright green jeans
Would be his staple a-fair.

He'd rock out in a band called Craze
His music would be shocking,
Full (and) deep and full of soul
He'd get the fans all rocking.

Their songs would all be number ones,
The best being “Grace Mistaken”.
Undisputed, totally loved,
The world being their own making.

He'd party till his feet gave in
And then lie in bed all brooding,
The weight of the world weighing on his back
Would make him feel seclusive.

The years and drugs would take it's toll
His body would be battered,
He did it for the love of man,
Or music,
It wouldn't matter.

If Jesus was an Emo,
I'd bet he'd be a bad ass.
The rabbles King
The Saint of 6 string flair.

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