Friday, 11 May 2012

...Naughty Niggles

This weeks niggle comes courtesy of two things - one being me turning 25, which wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and was ushered in with champagne - yum. The second being my ex and as always it got me thinking, not my ex, just you know the etiquette surrounding exes. Lets start with the first, seeing as it is the lesser of the two evils.

My birthday was good and it made me feel happy knowing that there were so many people that cared for me (fanx guys!) and that it really was a milestone for me, cliched I know, but it was. It gave me a good look back on everything that has happened - shitty and not so shitty and I really am grateful for everything. Some things I would obviously change - the size of my boobs being one - I would definitely make them smaller! The amount of cake and biscuits I consume (never going to change!) And some of the people I let into my life, at least now I know the type of people I don't want around me and I guess this leads me onto my second point. Not before mentioning the liver wrecking party I will be having to celebrate said happy birthday times - will let you know how it goes.

So exes. What is the etiquette? I'm not talking about the guys you sleep with once and then who piss off again, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake, no they're the right fuckers, you know the ones that should be shipped to their own desert island to live out the rest of their sordid disease ridden lives. I'm talking about the relationships, how do you deal with the aftermath? There is always one that comes off a lot better then the other and then you have to endure their bullshit - but do you have to? I keep thinking back to that bit in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (love that film!) where she "explains" everything she did to make their realtionship work and he was just not getting it. Are men really that silly? Can they not see a relationship failing? Before this turns into one of those angry female blogs that make you wish you weren't reading it and if you kept reading it you'd catch the bitter that is oozing out of it. I'm just trying to understand why. I guess I'm just finding it hard to comes to terms with the other person not letting go. Maybe I've had my grieving period, I guess I came to terms with everything quicker then he did. But now I have to deal with feeling guilty for coming to terms with things quicker then he did. It's a long boring circle that I do not want to be part of anymore so I guess I should stop writing about it and I guess I should stop giving it any mental thought. My big sister told me "an ex is an ex is an ex" and it replays in my mind everytime I see his name light up on the screen.

Now before you run off in horror, screaming, wishing you didn't just endure the 5 minutes it took to read my blog I will give you something happy. I am happy. This for me is a big statement, I can rarely remember times of happiness but I am happy and it mostly stems from the man friend who is becoming an ever increasing (positive) effect on me and my so called life. It's fantastic. I am also running again (no not like that and not like Forrest Gump) I've started running again, like you know jogging in a desperate attempt to run a 10k, in a desperate attempt to raise some money for my volunteering trip to Cambodia. So far I haven't died running up the hills (yay!), please if I ever talk about buying a house do not let me buy one on a hill, it is brutal. Secondly I love the way I can see my body changing, becoming fit again, not huffing when walking home! Result!! Lets just cross our fingers and toes for "THE BIG RACE" and raise as much money as my (semi) deep pocketed friends and family are willing to give *hint hint*.

Heres hoping.

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