Wednesday, 22 August 2012

...Happy Harping Day 2+3

So it's come to this! I've rolled two days together coz I can, it is my blog after all I control it's power MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! Clearly all this time alone has driven me mad....

Well the past 3 days have been an actioned pack, emotional roller coaster, dipping and weaving it's way through my metaphorical journey and dumping me at the end. Yes folks at this present moment, whilst most of you are at work, I have come to the ending. The finale. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part one. It's been emotional. I've laughed, I've cried, I've munched my way through the snack cupboard (oops!) and now here we are. I could give you a detailed description of every film, recounting the screenplay word for word until my fingers are exhausted and my mind has slipped into a world that doesn't exists. However dear friends, it seems like my mind has already wandered.

What I will give you are the bits that I love the most. In list form. Because that's the best form of all. (This is going to be fun isn't it?!)

Number one: "Dufftown" come on J.K.Rowling really? You've been watching a bit too much Simpsons haven't you?

Number two: I love Gary Oldman. In anything. Fact.

Number three: HP4 is brilliant. Mostly it's because Ron comes into his own, all through one look. It's bloody marvellous.

Number four: Ralph Fiennes. He makes Voldermort. He is splendid. I love him. He also delivers one of my favourite lines "I want to see the light leave you eyes!" Most excellent.

Number five: Luna Lovegood. Name says it all really. Dispensing bits of brilliant wisdom throughout the movie like a proverbial butterfly in an orchard. (Yeah I really don't know either, just go with it)

Number six: Dumbledore dying. Enough said.

Number seven: Gary Oldman. He deserves two mentions, he's that good.

Number eight: Dobby. Well Dobby and Kreacher but mainly Dobby.

Number nine: Everything in the last two movies is fantastic. Well apart from one bit between Harry and Voldermort I find absolutely cringe worthy and unnecessary. The rest is wonderful.

Number ten: David Yates. Well done David, you are a brilliant man, you did well turning the movies around from the awful drivel that was the first two into the spectacular circus that is 3 - 7.5. Bravo. You deserve some sort of accolade.

I could go on but we'd be here all day and I don't know about you but I have things that need sorting to. Mainly bills *sigh* how boring and trivial compared to the rich fantasy of cinema. 

I was at a funeral yesterday. My uncles funeral and the minister was going on about how we all die. Which is fair enough, we do all die. It wasn't something that I wanted to hear at that moment. I thought it callous. But having time to reflect upon what he said, I understand now what he means. Life is precious. Cliche I know. It's spilled out constantly, on t.v, in films, through music. But it really is and my friends we should make the most of it. Think about what you really want from you life and go get it. Do things that make you happy. Be spontaneous. It was a sad occasion yesterday but wherever my uncle is, I hope he's happy.

Heres hoping.

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