Monday, 20 August 2012

...Happy Harping

It's been a while but I'm back! Yes I know I said that last time but I really didn't mean it then, I mean it now though! But please friends don't blame me, blame the lists! The never ending lists, both mental and written. They consume me, gobbling my time and my mental energy and when I think I've done everything a long forgotten list pops up from the back of my brain and reminds me that I actually forgot to do this or post that. It is in fact extremely tiring.

But no more!!

The sister and the boyfriend have decided to have some time alone and gone on holiday - good for them I say, every couple need some time alone, especially so when you have a small person dominating both your time and your attention. This however is brilliant news for me (selfish aren't I?) for it means four whole glorious days alone. Completely alone (now if your planning on some sort of robbery - forget about it. I have a very mean cat and I'm not afraid to throw her.)

Now what will I do with these glorious days? I hear your deafening cries and my friends I will indulge myself and it will begin with one Harry James Potter and end with one Harry James Potter. Childish? Never! Brilliant? ALWAYS! You see I rarely get to watch my beloved box set but now that I have some time alone I will soak up as much of it as I can mentally manage. At this precise moment I am enjoying "The Philosopher's Stone", awful directing, it's like watching Acting 101 but it has a few brilliant one liners, my favourite being "Your a wizard Harry!" Ah love it! I also am completely in love with Robbie Coltrane. Brilliant man, brilliant actor. What I don't understand is once he (Harry) got hold of his gold, why doesn't he invest in trousers that aren't four sizes too big? Emotional attachment? A desperate need to cling on to his old identity? Or maybe the director didn't think it important and I am in fact looking too closely at it. I'll probably place my bets on the latter. It is adorable seeing how small they are and watching them grow *tear*. I could harp on (get it?) about Harry Potter but I'm afraid of boring you my dear friends. But don't dismay, I will update you with all the magnificent, Hogwarts filled magical joy. Bliss.

It is just the thing to take my mind of the fact that I will be departing England's green soil in four short weeks and landing, hopefully completely intact, on Cambodia's sunny shores. It still doesn't feel real. Even as my room fills up with all the things I have to take with me and my credit card bill grows as long as my arm, it all still feels pretty imaginary. As if I will wake on the 17th of September and these past few months have been a cruel joke. Made up by a bored God wishing to have some fun with the lesser beings and unfortunately chose me. I'll probably still be waiting to wake up whilst strapped into my seat on the plane. *sigh* I will be fine. I know I will. I have to be.

Heres Hoping.

P.S I also love the sorting hat.

P.P.S I also love the name Hufflepuff. I met a guy from Hufflepuff, Australia, but that folks is another story all together.

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