Wednesday, 30 May 2012

...Niggles Naughty

So chaps and chapettes it has been a while since my last blog. There are however two very good reasons for this and they are as follows;
1. I was incredibly, utterly, gut wrenchingly hungover.
2. I have been horribly ill (maybe due to number 1, but that is mere speculation)

The second reasons pretty shit but I think the first reasons awesome. If I haven't mentioned it previously the celebration of my beloved birth was fantastic. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while and I had a good time and an awful amount of rum, so much so that I was actually surprised I woke up at all on the Sunday morning - oh dear.

Now I've had a lot of time to contemplate what I want to do with my life *yawn* and I'm beginning to feel incredibly pressed to find a career choice - seeing as the one I want to be in isn't exactly allowing me to errr be in it...? For now anyway...Look out James Cameron I'm headed your way....So I figured theres no immediate rush, I'm young, I still have all my hair (and will hopefully always have all my hair) I can still tick the 20-25 box on all those pesky little forms and I have a few things planned out. Even if they aren't going to make me lots and lots of money, even if I find it really hard to "finish" things, even if in 10 years time I look back and wonder what the fuck I was thinking, I'm really enjoying doing what I do now and that for me is what it's all about.

Now that I've got all the mushy, life changing analysis out of the way and trust me, you will not have to endure another one until next May (that is if I ever get round to "finishing" anything...) I can get down to the nitty gritty.

This niggle comes courtesy of running. Yes running. I have many topics I could niggle over but this one is what it is. Like I mentioned in my previous blog I am training for a 10k which is 6 miles. I have to run for 6 miles. Now I don't know about you but I do not have that much endurance folks! Stamina maybe, endurance no! So I've been really good and not followed the superb yet completely ridiculous advice of a friend (who shall remain nameless) who told me "Rach you don't need to train, you can run 6 miles easy". Now unless I'm completely nutty 6 miles is really, really far. According to Yahoo answers (works everytime!) it's the equivalent of running around a 400m track TWENTY FIVE TIMES! 25! Not 4, not 8, not even 10 but 24? Really? I guess that's what that epically long race in the athletics is about but even they only run for 8 laps, no ones going to be barmy enough to run for 25! Oh wait, oh wait, I AM!

However I have been running in my local park, which has an incline, an incline that makes your thighs burn. I think my thighs wouldn't describe it as an incline but a hill, a thigh burning, chest tightening hill. It doesn't help that the park is full of dogs and their walkers and squirrels. The dogs I don't mind, it's the bloody squirrels. They are everywhere. I can here them scuttling away into the undergrowth when I'm running and one today actually waited until I came up near it to run. I think their playing some sort of sordid game of chicken. "Ohh lets see how close the sweaty woman in orange gets to us before we run away. What fun!" It's not fun, it's terrifying, another one leaped out of my way today into a bush. Bet he was having a right laugh with all his squirrel friends. I'm just waiting for the day one lands on me. I really, really hope that day doesn't arrive. I don't think I could handle it, I would be scared, permanently. I would never run in a park again, or near low hanging branches.

That said I am loving the way my body is getting fit again. Even if I can't sit down without making that noise. You know the noise. Anyone who has ever pushed their body under the hoax of "getting fit" knows that noise. I'm hoping in a few days the pain will cease and I will be able to sit down properly - the way God intended.

It's all for a good cause - me - and my volunteering excursion to Cambodia. I'm hoping I'll raise enough funds to cover my plane ticket. I am currently two grand off my mark and with a second job rearing it's ugly head and my first job rearing it's ugly head and running like a mad woman, I'm hoping I can make that money in the next 3 months. Because that's all the time I have. It's either that or I take another friends advice and I make a know what I mean. It would sure beat working two jobs. Fingers crossed it doesn't end up that way.

Heres hoping.

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