Sunday, 27 January 2013

...Tales from Thailand - See you later South East Asia.

So I've given myself sometime to sit down and really go over what it is I have been doing for the past 4 and a half months and still I haven't really understood the enormity of it. Tomorrow I will be leaving on a jet plane and I'm not quite sure when I'll come back again. There are so many things I could tell you but to find the words for them would take me years. My world has changed immensely and I'm so glad it has. I've met some wonderful, kick arse people (I've also met a lot of c**ts), I've had experiences that I never imagined I would ever have, I've laughed, cried, basically I've grown up and hopefully the new found wisdom I have now will carry me through all the ups and downs life seems to keep throwing at me. I've also missed my sisters and my family more then I ever knew I would; I know we were close but the impact their absence left on my life is one that I won't forget. I know family can tug at your heart strings but boy, I love my family, their messed up and crazy (whose isn't?) but I wouldn't trade them for the world - aren't you guys lucky?! 

Not really sure how to start saying goodbye. I'm tempted to go back to the beginning and retell everything that I've done and tell you what my favourite bits have been. On the other hand I just want to slam you will loads of pictures you haven't seen and then hopefully you'll see why I'll miss this country so much. Which will it be?

After a few hours of careful deliberation I decided that I will give you both. Pictures you haven't seen before and my oh so endearing love for the beautiful countries I've been in.

Let us start with Cambodia, yes?

Cambodia has my heart, it is however in competition with New York but I think Cambodia is going to win, hands down. The country is amazing, I had so many experiences there that will shape me for the rest of my days and I am so thankful to the people that I now call family, I love them to bits and here, my ever loving bloggahaloics, I present to you my new family:

 Toooooooo much Absinthe....
Beginning to love the French...
 Not enough Absinthe...

I absolutely, hands down, love this girl. She is an amazing woman and will go on to be an absolutely fantastic individual.

The terrors of cycling in the evening rush hour.

Most of these pictures speak for themselves, therefore they don't need captions. All I know is that I met a fanfuckingtastic bunch of people that I will cherish for the rest of my days (yeah ok I'm being a little sentimental - so shoot me!!). I don't have many pictures and some of the people that I love aren't in the pictures I posted but mates don't worry the love is there, it's all around you and I will follow you like a ghost till the end of your days (spooky huh?).

I've already given you a final blog of Cambodia so I won't reiterate all the stuff I said before because all of it stands true. Instead I will let you know how I feel about Thailand. I bloody love Thailand. Not as much as I love Cambodia though, although the people here are far nicer to me and one man even asked for my number - result! But no, the country is lovely, the people are friendly and the food is delicious. I will miss South East Asia with every once of my being but unfortunately there are more countries I wish to see and more environments I want to explore. But the highlights?

- Partying with my girls on Koh Phangnan and Koh Tao.
- Seeing the beauty that is Koh Chang.
- Elephants!!!
- The simplicity and extraordinary beauty of Chiang Mai.
- Monkeys (sometimes...).
- The friendliness.
- Elephants!!
- The food.
- Sangsom...

I will not however miss the heat, it is oppressive or the stench. When it gets really hot you can smell the sewers and that's just fucking gross. It is not a smell you want in your nostrils. I won't miss travelling on long haul buses even though that was an experience in itself.

I will miss the freedom, the anonymity of life over here. I can be who I want, say what I want and I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks. It will be something I will employ once I reach home soil so people, you have been warned.

I don't know what else to say. This experience has opened my eyes and I feel like I'm a better person for having done this (vom). I know that I can travel alone and never truly be alone. I know that I have the capacity to make friends and also the capacity to spot bullshit from a mile off. I am strong and I think that it is a beautiful thing to notice in yourself. Before I undermine this "journey" (God I hate that word...thank you Central!) I will leave you with a few pictures from Thailand. Again I don't have them all and a lot are missing (girls I want those pictures! How else am I going to build my shrine?) but I will leave you with a few, enjoy:


 Oh Nemo, if you only knew what lay ahead...

Goodbye South East Asia, I will always have fond memories of my time with you and that is how I'll leave it. I'm scared I will start sounding like a back alley prossie trying to get her pimp to love her honestly and none of us want that on my last night now do we? So I will bid you adieu. It's fucking emotional and I really don't want to do it but circumstances dictate otherwise. I have loved every fucking second here and I will not change it, not for all the money in the world. 

Now I will go downstairs and have a farewell drink with my friend Kip who runs the lovely cocktail bar outside my guest house. This time tomorrow I'll be trampling on English shores (just so you know it's 9.59 pm...).

For the last time,

Big Ocean crossing love ya'll.

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