Tuesday, 25 December 2012

...Cambodia Calling 13 - Final Farewell.

So today is my last day, pretty ironic it is also Christmas day. Merry Christmas guys, I hope each and everyone of you is doing something really special. As you've guessed from the title (well I least I hope you've guessed, if not then well, the less said about that...) this is the last posting from Cambodia. So sad. It's been such a wonderful journey and three months have seriously flown by. I've grown (I hope) as an individual, I have learnt to embrace the beauty in life and discard all the shit that I've carried around with me for the past God knows how many years. It's been a long journey but here I am, on the brink of a bigger adventure, the next chapter and who knows what it may hold but I hope I go into it bringing all the strength, power and love Cambodia has given me. I love this country, it has my heart and one day, hopefully, I will be able to come back and retrieve it.

I'm going to leave you on Christmas day with a list of all my favourite moments in Cambodia and maybe if you're lucky a few pictures to go with the story as well.

Things I love in no particular order:

- Tuk Tuks.
- Oliver.
- Angkor Famous. I don't think I will ever get two kick arse cocktails for $3 anywhere, ever again.Ever.
- Thidas house.
- All the wonderful people I've met.
- Sunrises.
- Sunsets. I really like sunsets.
- The stars at night.
- Waterfalls.
- Angkor beer.
- Cycling home at night.
- Davy the tailor. I think I will miss her the most.
- The revenge of Rabies road.
- Sitting up till the early hours of the morning chatting shit.
- The beautiful wonderful children from work and all the ones that smile as you pass on a bike. Or in my case stare at me like I'm some sort of alien.
- My room.
- Geckos!!!
- Cows.
- All the wonderful people in Cambodia.

So Merry Christmas one and all and I will see you in Thailand. Goodbye Cambodia, it's been an experience.

Big Cambodian Ocean Crossing Christmas love ya'll.

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