Monday, 17 December 2012

...Cambodia Calling 11 - Last Day at Work.

So Friday was my last day at work, which on one hand was brilliant and on the other hand it was really sad. It has been such a crazy 3 months, I've done so much, I've had good times and some not so good times. I counted down the days to the very last day and now it's been and gone I'm a little lost. My boss cried which was pretty weird, I wasn't sure what I could do about it so I just sort of stood there but when old people cry it makes me cry! Other then that I'm going to miss all my little kids and I don't think they fully understood that I won't be coming back. My big ones got it, I think, they all gave me such big hugs before they left and one of them made me little origami cranes, stars, love hearts and a giant ball/star. I was really touched, it must have taken her so long to make them all and I really appreciate it. Now the only problem is how to get it home! I don't want it to be crushed and I really want to hang it up when I get back so any suggestions on how to bring it home safely will be much appreciated!!

I took lots of pictures of my kids and of my way home from work. I managed to cycle and take pictures so I think my cycling has improved dramatically from the first day, seeing as on the first day I fell of my bike in the middle of traffic...oops! So this blog will be mainly pictures mi amigas, I hope you enjoy taking a look!

 Somnang with the little ones in the Kindergarten.

Me and the little ones - they are so cute!

Doorway of the pagoda that I cycle past everyday.

Full view of the pagoda. Such a beautiful place to cycle through.

My big kids and I. Going to miss their cheeky faces!

The second pagoda I cycle past at sunset.

Photo exhibition by Pablo Bartholomew. He's such a brilliant photographer go check him out online - do it now! 
 Cycling home.
 Roads don't look too busy but they were! At those times I thought it best to put my camera away and concentrate on not dying...
Oliver and I on our way home.
Approaching chocolate road.

So here you go! I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and there will be many more to follow!

Big Ocean crossing love ya'll!

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