Tuesday, 27 November 2012

...Cambodia Calling 9 - Corn.

So for the past week I have been obsessed with corn. I want, nay I need, to eat me some corn. I don't know why I just really, really want some.

It started last week when Jenni and I were cycling back from work and we passed a guy selling corn and I was like "Ahhh! Corn!" But I couldn't stop to get the delicious smelling corn because one: I was running late for an English lesson and two: I had no money on me. It sucked. I was so hungry and it smelt so good but I figured that he'd be there tomorrow because you know everyone wants corn, what crazy person doesn't?

The next day arrived and I was armed with some money but he wasn't there. He wasn't there on the way to work and he wasn't there on the way home. Gutted. The next day the same thing happened, this is when the hunt really began, I was so determined to find me a man selling corn that even when I cycled into town I was sure, so sure that I would find someone, but there wasn't anyone! Not one person selling corn! It then became a mission, a need, to hunt down whoever was selling corn and to buy it. All of it. Then consume it, letting the juicy, corny goodness into my soul and nourish me. (It's a wee bit like food porn isn't it? Very sorry...)

I still haven't had any corn. I think it's a conspiracy. Whenever I'm hungry and I'm looking for corn there is no one around, only the pancake guys and the weird snail/cockle men, (but really who wants to eat snails and cockles?) and then when I've given up and decided to eat a proper dinner there they are! (Corn is actually a very healthy dinner.) The bastards! They know I have no space for their delicious corn and they taunt me with it. I'm so angry! I just want some corn! Is that too much to ask? Am I wanting too much? Do they not want my money? WHY WON'T THEY LET ME HAVE ANY?

I feel like this could affect me, you know, deep down, psychologically scared for life. So much so that even when I go home I can't look corn in the eye, it'll be too painful. 

You're probably wondering how I've managed to write a whole blog about corn but if you know me well, you know I like me some corn. At home I eat it out of the tin. Just for a snack you know, it's delicious and nutritious and a lot better then eating a packet of digestive biscuits so WHY WON'T THEY LET ME EAT CORN? I think I may need to take this to the PM. I think I may actually have a problem...I think I should let it go, I probably won't though.

On other non corn related notes I officially have 9 working days left. Huzzah! I also have this whole week off because of the water festival, which is cool, it means I can relax and not have to always be rushing around all sweaty and dishevelled. I can actually cycle for pleasure. It's all very weird and wonderful. I'm actually considering buying a bike when I get home, I really enjoy riding Oliver (hahaha! Riding Oliver, get it? Get it?) and I think I will miss the exercise when I get back. We will see, I don't think London would appreciate my Cambodian style cycling on their streets. It's the only way I know how to cycle now, it's not my fault and it actually makes a lot more sense to weave in and out of the traffic ignoring the toots from the cars and the buses (I'm basically just trying to justify my crazy cycling...)

I also said goodbye to another Thida girl. It's gonna be like this for the next 3 weeks, more and more of us are leaving, it's so sad. So I said goodbye to Phavy and luckily I got to take her to the airport which was so emotional and I really didn't want to say goodbye. (I don't think I can handle anymore goodbyes, it's really taking it's toll on me). However, like I said to her, this isn't goodbye, it's just see you later. The beautiful thing is it's a bond (hopefully) for life. Phavy if you're reading this you cannot escape me. It's too late, I've latched on...I just want to let you all know how amazingly wonderful, caring and dirty minded Phavy is. I don't think anyone has made me laugh that hard in a long time. I'm gonna miss it. Who shall I make dirty jokes with now? Who?! I'm just gonna end up being wildly inappropriate with everyone and that's gonna get me nowhere (Phavy this is technically you're fault), or it may get me somewhere..! Ich liebe dich Phavy. You are my star and I love you to bits.

Right, I need to put some clothes on and go get some lunch; just to clarify I am wearing clothes but I can't go outside in just my pants...Until next time.

Big Ocean crossing love ya'll.

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  1. I love you, too Liebling!
    We can still make dirty jokes together via everything :D Especially when I sleep in your bed again ;) oops there it goes again :D I think when I visit you, I will buy you a pillow :D