Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cambodia Calling 5 - It's a Halloween Special.

So as the title suggests this be a Halloween special (please read in the voice of Jack Sparrow - I'll explain later. (Just the end bit, not the beginning otherwise it'll make no sense and I can't explain that.))

I'm not one for Halloween, it's not a holiday that I celebrate or one that really gets me going but I tried my best this year and decided that even though I have absolutely no idea how to transform the clothes I have into a typical "costume" I'd give it a good bash and you know me I need no excuse to down a few drinks - I mean respectfully respect alcoholic beverages in a respectfully respecting way, of course *ahem*. Anyway I decided to be a superhero who was in her normal day clothes and not being a superhero at the present moment (which basically meant I could wear normal "going out" clothes and just bosh on some make up) but then luckily I was handed a bandanna and *poof* gangsta pirate emerged. Here take a look:

Take a really close look and you can see exactly where gangsta and pirate merge. I'm not kidding.

So the night started with an unexpected pub crawl and ended up at Angkor Wat? Unfortunately along the way several things happened. Few of those things need not be mentioned as they were mere frivolity and nothing life threatening or you know weird. One of those "things" happened to look like this:

Remember mini pirates, never drink, smoke and drive. Only do 2 of the three but not all three together because then havoc ensues. On the back of the scooter is pirate number 2! Or 3...I can't quite remember.

Disclaimer: If you're being really serious and looking at this picture like "What the **** does she think she's doing?" Then you should know that I can't drive a scooter and the picture is just for fun. Also, don't be so ridiculous. End of disclaimer.

So the night continued on in a similar fashion, most of the time I kept asking people if they had seen my sword (in the voice of Jack Sparrow) and shouting loudly that a pirate needs her rum (also in the voice of Jack Sparrow, see I said I'd explain...sort of) I even occasionally threw in a limp for good measure. The whole night was a lot of fun but then it ended abruptly at 11pm with a stomach ache (I blame all the beer...). But all in all a good night. Huzzah.

Now moving onto more important topics, I went to the tailor on Sunday and she is going to make a plethora of beautiful, pretty things that I can bring home and feel like a proper princess. It also means no one but me will be able to wear said pretty things because they have already been measured to my body. You know who I'm talking about. Don't pretend like you haven't been using my room as a walk in wardrobe *scowl*. So I am very much looking forward to cycling Oliver down to her shop at the end of the week and seeing what treasures lie in store.

Yesterday I got a proper fright. I was sitting on my bed writing my journal (yes I am keeping a journal, so? ) and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I turned and saw nothing, so naturally I went back to writing in said journal. Then again, another flash and this time I got a good look. It was a mouse. Not the mouse but A mouse. In my house! How dare it! I was so startled! It was cheeky enough to enter the place I call a sanctuary the little bastard. Thankfully once morning arose I was told that a mouse had been caught! Yippee! This feeling didn't last long. I know that another mouse will take it's place and I will once again be facing the dilemma of having a mouse in my house. This looks like it will be an ongoing issue. *sigh* prepare yourselves for a constant stream of updates and for my constant use of the the phrase "mouse in my house". What can I say? I'm a sucker for alliteration.

So it's now the 7th week. Shit me when did that happen? I will be home in 12 short weeks, a little browner, hair a little longer and maybe, just maybe a little more grown up. At the present moment I am being distracted by Charlotte showing Roni and I pictures of cows. She has a whole separate folder for cows.  Charlotte if you're reading this, you have a problem. Enough with the pictures of cows!

Lastly I gave the Man an unintentional ultimatum and surprise surprise I have heard nothing. If you're reading this (which I know you aren't) message received, loud and clear darling. I deserve someone who actually cares about me. This folks is another one of my epiphanies and I have to say it is a bloody good one. I have finally learnt to stand up for myself and ask for what I want and if it is not matched then it is not good enough. Today you are seeing (well not literally, come now.) a new, stronger me and to be honest, it's been a bloody long time coming and I'm so glad she's here! I'm going to embrace the changes with arms wide fucking open my lovelies, you have been warned!

Other then that I'm fine (I've actually lost some weight - woop!(Healthy weight loss may I add)) and I promise not to drink, smoke and drive!

Big Ocean crossing love ya'll.

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