Thursday, 25 October 2012

...Cambodia Calling 4 - Back to reality.

So I've just realised I've been here for 6 weeks. Like I'm in my 6th week. How crazy is that? It means I only have 7 more weeks to work and then I can start my adventure! Woooooo! Like I know I'm "in" my adventure anyway but I really want to go travelling. I want to see more of South East Asia. I've got the bug and I'm not letting it go!

I also have 7 weeks and 2 and a half days of my boss left. I know that sounds mean but I really can't wait to leave. I love the kids I think they are fantastic and beautiful little people. Just take a look at the picture. She was crying for her mum and I attempted to cheer her up with a plastic horse - it didn't work...

But this same little girl is a changed one. She is so sweet and happy. No more tears! She gets on so well with everyone else. Before none of the kids wanted to come near me or play with me (I was that child) but now they do! I have earned their trust - yippee! So it will be sad saying goodbye to them but on the other hand I will be meeting so many more people and seeing so many different things.

I have already met so many fantastic people here, I am hoping I will keep in touch with as many of them as humanly possible (mostly because it means I have free holiday destinations. (I'm just joking. (I'm not really joking.))) It also means that they can come and stay with me! Not all of them at once though, that will be a pretty tight squeeze but it's crazy how fast you get to know someone when you're living together and having so many different shared experiences from your friends at home so when they leave it's really, really sad. Two of them are leaving in a matter of weeks and I'm trying to devise ways to keep them here, purely for selfish reasons.

I have decided to go to Vietnam for a few days, I just need to work out the logistics (and the money - eek) of attempting such a long journey. But I think it will be pretty cool to see Ho Chi Min and Hanoi and I have so much time before I have to go home that I might as well use it to my advantage. 

Yesterday I was mistaken for a Cambodian. The guy that was looking after our bikes (sort of like an unofficial car park. Basically you give me some money and I'll "make sure" no one steals your bike. He was a nice chap though.) started talking to me in Khmer and I turned to Phavy who told me he was asking if I was Cambodian. I said no but I felt super flattered. It looks like I'm blending in better then I thought I was! 

We also have a mouse in our house, well technically more then one seeing as Pally killed one last week and yesterday (with his bare hands may I add...) and now sitting in the trap in Ronny's room is mouse numero tress. She looks pretty shifty, I think she's new to the game. Obviously only moved in when her competition were taking care of and now she's in for the same fate. It's what you get if you mess with Westerners. Sorry mouse but don't enter my house.

So I have 5 days off work (including the weekend) because of a few public holidays. I'm looking forward to resting but I also need something to do! Any suggestions are more then welcome but please folks keep them clean! God knows whose reading this! We don't want to offend anyone now do we? Oh I've gone delirious, I blame the heat. Anyway I'll say ta-ra, I have to work in an hour and I would like a nap (nothing different really; different country, same Rachel. Same same but different).

Big Ocean crossing love ya'll. 

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