Friday, 9 March 2012

...Museful Mindings

So chaps sometime has past since I last spouted my mind splurges all over this here blog and I think it's safe to say not much more development has happened. Or has it? (This is where I pause for dramatic effect.)

This time my musings have been prompted by a song. A very good song by a very good artist. Emeli Sande. (Sorry Ems haven't got one of those accent things on my laptop so the normal "e" will just have to suffice.) Her song "Daddy" reminds me of all the shitty men I've had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing. Made me think about love all over again. But I won't start, otherwise we'd be here for years. 

On a happier note my social exprementation is going well. Apart from the fact I seem to attract the strange older man, who is in fact old enough to be my dad, winking at me. Yes thats right, winking. It's an absurd idea that said dating site feels is exactly the right way to go about "breaking the ice". It doesn't break the ice and in fact is rather creepy, especially if they "wink" at you everyday. I do feel like I've got enough "material" to write a whole series of books - but that was the point wasn't it? I may add a few characters into the new story I'm writing. Well I say writing, it's knocking around up here somewhere, it just won't let me write it down - yet.

I am getting itchy feet though. Not from my social experimentation, that would be a weird side effect wouldn't it? Doubt it would deter the weirdos though... No I think it's the change of season. I need a little bit of excitement, need to get the cobwebs out and start the old engine again. Go on holiday, in fact just go away, somewhere - anywhere!! My trip to Cambodia is on the horizon, so for now the thought of that will keep me going. In the meantime I may just go get another tattoo.

Oh and the date went very well.

For now chaps adios, hopefully the sun will come out and my mood will perk up.

Heres hoping.

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