Saturday, 17 December 2011

...To Be Loved.

To be loved.

And I lay on his chest
And I sighed and I laughed,
And he cried.

A life without love I would die,
To not touch your lips
The soft of your kiss
Would be death.
My heart would just stop,
And I think it would rot
And not be part of this world where we live.

To be loved,
To be kissed.

To have the knowledge that we are just this.
That space wouldn’t matter
And time would just shift.
Love doesn’t have a set course,
Just a rift.

And I swooned.
I felt his heartbeat
And his touch bitter sweet,
And I knew
That love without him isn’t true,
That we both together are two
Shapes of a heart,
That beat and are part of a clue.

To be loved,
That is all that I need to get through.

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