Sunday, 23 October 2011

...A Univocalism

I got the idea to write a univocalism from the very talented Leanne Moden. Like Leanne I've gone with the letter "E" as my only vowel. With the help of my dear friend Scharlie Robinson, we came up with this. It's not very long and it's a first attempt! Bare in mind there were a few cocktails consumed prior to said construction. Enjoy!

He sees her empty eyes.
He feels he's seen the sky.
When she entered,
He knew.
He met her steps,
Gently sketched her eyes
She knew then,
When he held her
They were centered.


  1. Rachel, this is just excellent. I love that you've managed to include a rhyme as well. Really top notch stuff. It's funny how difficult these types of poem are to construct, but you've succeeded in making it look effortless.

    Try writing a lipogram without using the letter E. It is so hard, you wouldn't even believe it!

  2. I can't take all the credit! But it was so hard to not use any other vowels, it made me really think about the English language.

    I read your lipogram, it was excellent, I'll give it a go but it might drive me mad! x