Monday, 24 October 2011

...Lost - A Lipogram

This is a lipogram, which according to wikipedia is a type of constrained writing, where a certain vowel is left out. I have left out the letter "E". This is brought to you courtesy of the wonderful Leanne Moden (again), who prompted me to give this type of writing a go. So glad I did. Thanks Leanne!


Jack knocks on my door
Strain of our trial taints his air.
Jack says
“I found Sarah”

Lungs stop working
Air won’t go down
Body turns cold.
I cry
“I thought Sarah...”
Cannot finish thought
Imagination ran away with fancy
With Sarah.

It was a Monday
Toast for Sarah, for Jack
I want oats.

I wait in my car in front of Sarah’s school
3.30 pm
Kids flow out
But not Sarah.
3.45 pm
No Sarah
4.00 pm
No Sarah.
Call Jack,
Jack calls cops,
No word.
Foot patrol around town
No word.
6 months waiting
No word.
Dull pain.


I look at Jack
Jack ploughs on
Facts must unfold
Push air down
“Sarah’s living with a man”
Cannot think
Nothing is right
Words don’t link with thought
“16. Sarah’s 16!”
Jack nods
I sob
Months of sorrow.

Jack’s hands in my hands
Thumbs our rings
“I’ll bring Sarah back”

Jack turns.
Door shuts.

Push air down.

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