Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I found you with your heart in your hands
I asked what happened
You said you cut it out.

That the weight of it on your chest was too much
That after I left it wouldn't stop beating
You couldn't understand why a heart that had been broken could still beat
You didn't want to feel the pain of your world inside you.

You aksed me why I gave it back
I replied that it was never mine to have
That it was too warm in my cold hands
Too fragile for my clumsy grip
And eventually I would drop it.

Like everything else.

I watched your heart bleed
Tried to put it back but it wouldn't fit.
I wouldn't fit.

You told me to leave it
It would heal itself eventually
I asked you when
I said a heart belongs in your chest.

You shrugged.

Wrapped it in a cloth and placed it in a box.
It's safe for now you said.

Well when will you put it back I asked

When it doesn't feel so heavy
When carrying it is a joy
Not a burden
When the memories it holds doesn't feel me with dread
When that song that we shared comes on the radio and I can dance
Not cry
When your smile isn't a dagger.

You cradled the box
Held it in your arms
And wept.

And I left you

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