Sunday, 22 July 2012

...Accordingly Absurd

Howdy cyber pals, it's been (as always) a very, very, very long time. So much so that most people have forgotten the little pocket of internet that I have acquired - but no more! I am back - be it until my brain melts away with the never ending mental lists that unfortunately don't get seen to as much as they should do, but nevertheless we shall press on.

So first and foremost lets give you an update shall we? (Apparently there's more then one of me and I wouldn't be surprised if there was. Lets see which one wants to type eh?)

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU, to all those out there who generously gave money they may not have been willing to part with to help me on my travels. You guys rock. Literally. With your help I have all the money I needed for my ticket (which I booked - more on that later) and a little left over to finish paying for my course.Well done you!

Now I'm a bit apprehensive about the flight. It will be the longest I have ever flown anywhere by myself and to be honest I'm shitting myself. I try to think positive about it, you know the usual mind tricks regarding not dying or missing your connections or losing your luggage or falling asleep on the plane and being fondled...the last one terrifies me the most. Don't get me wrong friends I am not scared of planes, I like the journey, I like the communal feeling of being strapped in a tin plane and flung 30,000 feet in the air, left to the fate of a pilot who may or may not have got his 8 hours of sleep the night before. It's just the length of time I'll be alone. It's 6 hours to Dubai and then a 3 hour stop over, then another 6 hours to Bangkok with another 3 hour stop over and then 1 and a half hours to Siem Reap! It's a long fucking way to be so far from home all alone. I may have to drink, not too heavily that they won't let me on the plane but just enough to numb the feelings of abandonment and homesickness and to obviously stop me from running up and down the lengths of the plane screaming. But as everyone keeps telling me, I will be fine. I have taking that phrase on board and have been using it as a mantra. So when I think of how long I'll be away for or how much money I still need to make and that horrible gut churning feeling begins letting a bit of bile escape my stomach to race up my esophagus to burn the lining of my throat, I think "It will be fine". I may not have an esophagus by the time I leave.

However on a brighter note, the suns out! Woop! It always seems to make everything shiny and new looking. I even cleaned my car and got it washed! Check me out. For you that know me, know that this is something that happens every 6 months or so and my car is a disgusting crumb ridden, spider haven. I in fact found 4 spiders plus their webs and the end of a wasp. I daren't think what happened to his head....

Lets keep up the sun dances folks, if enough of us keep spreading our wings and chanting just like the penguins in "Happy Feet" trying to turn the world and bring back the sun, it may just work. Lets keep it going, I want my intake of Vitamin D and I hope you do to.

Heres hoping.

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